Supplemax Horse Fence - 4 mm Nylon Monofilament - Black 2,000 ft


Brand Wire and Cable Specialties Inc

Supplemax is our standard black nylon (PA6) monofilament with UV, heat and weather stabilization is highly suited for horse fencing.  Unlike the competition, we don't charge the same price for products that are not 100% copolymer nylon.

• Outstanding elongation provides safety protection for your horses.
• Containment strengths of 1250 lbs per line.
• One-Seventh the weight of steel wire based products of the same diameter
• Stretches and recovers in most situations leading to an attractive appearance
• Corrosion Free
• Low cost of ownership
• Faster and easier installation compared to heavy wire or wood
•Works well with in-line strainers, wire joiners/tensioners, one way anchor vises, crimp sleeves and knots.

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