Surflon® wire is smooth, nylon-coated stainless steel wire that is secured with crimping sleeves and a crimping plier. The Surflon System saves you time by eliminating the need to tie or wrap, and it creates a custom, professional appearance. Surflon wire is produced from high strength stainless steel and will resist corrosion and retain its strength longer than braided and plastic coated, carbon steel wires.

To achieve the professional look and dependable strength of the Surflon System,just follow these few simple steps:

(1) Feed Surflon wire through the proper size sleeve and hardware. 

(2) Pass the wire back through the sleeve once.

(3) Next, firmly crimp the sleeve and the wire using the special crimping pliers. Because the width of the crimping pliers is less than the width of the crimping sleeves, we recommend making two side-by-side compressions on each sleeve. This method provides a neat, uniform groove in the sleeve, creating a more professional look. 

(4) The wire and the sleeve are now secure. To finish the job, repeat this procedure for the opposite side of the frame and your frame will be ready for hanging.

Note: Factors such as hardware and wall construction may affect the maximum picture weight to be used. Therefore, to achieve the safest and strongest hold, do not exceed the recommended maximum picture weight for each size of Surflon wire.