Agricultural Polyester (PET) and Nylon (PA6)

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These products are metal free and used for general fencing, fruit and vegetable trellises (blackberries, raspberries, etc), and orchard / vineyard use.  They also can be used in greenhouse shade systems, hail protection systems and oyster farming.

Both types are UV, heat and weather stabilized, lightweight, non conductive of electricity and do not transmit extreme temperatures to plants (cold) or greenhouse surfaces (hot).

Polyester (PET) - Available in diameters ranging from 1.8 to 3 mm in clear and black. PET is rapidly becoming the material of choice for many agricultural uses. It offers many benefits including low cost and lower stretch than nylon.

Nylon 6 - Available in diameters ranging from 2 to 6 mm. Nylon is perfect for horse fencing, deer fence supports/high lines to prevent jumping and oyster farming. It also works well with low weight bearing fruit trellis applications such as raspberries and for catch wire and irrigation wire applications in vineyards.